Our team, having many years of experience in the design and manufacture of tobacco barns, created Adesco energy efficient tobacco barn that combines patented innovative technological solutions and the most efficient devices available on the market.

Flue-cured tobaccos, mostly Virginia type, are dried in bulk curing tobacco barns in three main phases: yellowing, leaf drying and stem drying.


- Fresh tobacco leaves are uniformly and compactly loaded in racks or boxes that are placed in the drying chamber

- Hot water boiler or air-to-water heat pump produce hot water, with temperature below 80°C, which is continuously supplied to the water-to-air heat exchanger to evenly heat the drying air

- Air-to-air plate heat exchanger, in the phase when moisture is removed, transfers the heat energy of the hot and wet exhaust air to the fresh outside air, preheating it

- Radial fan is used to pass heated air under pressure through fresh tobacco leaves

- Each curing phase is accompanied with adequate temperature and relative moisture of the drying air

- After the leaves are completely dry, moisture is added by integrated system for tobacco resurgence that use over-heated water steam

- Custom-made Automatic Process Control (APC) manages all devices and automatically maintains programmed drying air parameters

Adesco tobacco barns will boost the development of modern tobacco agriculture bringing increased profit and reduced costs to the tobacco growers, while making a positive impact on social and environmental aspects of tobacco manufacturing.

Models and Features